Diamonds at Work

Andrey Kossolapov,
Assist. Professor, Ph.D.
Member-Correspondent of MW Academy of Science,
Chairman of Education Committee of IACDS

Among various technologies of demolition exists method of concrete cutting and drilling. It is innovation of very old technology. Technology of natural stone cutting with abrasive tools is known since ancient time. 5 thousand years ago in Egypt they cut stone by ropes adding in the slot crystals of sand.

During renovation of bridge “Pont du Neuf” in Paris 1914 was used steel cable with quartz sand to cut parapet for electric cable installation.

Technologies of drilling and cutting the reinforced concrete constructions are based on application of diamond tools to specially designed equipment.

The basis of diamond technologies is the process of cutting concrete and reinforcement by diamond segments fixed on top of the tool (core bits, disks, rope, etc.). The tools are driven by means of the specialized gear of concrete sawing or drilling machine. The linear speed of the diamond segment is brought to that of the effective material cutting. That is, the cutting speed is maximal, and deterioration of the diamond segment is minimal.

The scale of hardness (Mohs scale)

Specific conditions of the diamond tool sawing and specially developed equipment allows resolution of unique engineering and technical problems not only in the field of construction, but also at carrying out of scientific, research and development works.

The line of special equipment for concrete sawing and drilling consists of wall saws, wire saws, chain saws, ring saws and flat saws for cutting and drill rigs with electric, hydraulic, high cycle, pneumatic and petrol engines.

Diamond tools for those machinery include core bits, diamond cut off discs, diamond wire, diamond chains, diamond rings.

Concrete Drilling and Sawing

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